Make Your Extensions Last With These Spring 2023 Hair Care Tips

Spring often means more time outside, swimming, and warmer weather–all of which can impact hair extensions. As seasons change, clients must know how to adjust their hair care routine to help stretch the longevity of their extensions. Help clients maintain their 100% full-cuticle Remy Hairlocs hair extensions with these fool-proof spring 2023 hair care tips that keep them looking beautiful all season long.


Maintain Moisture

One of the fastest ways to deplete hair extension quality is for the hair to lose moisture. The warmer weather spring brings, in addition to being more active and outside often, can all lead to your hair looking dull and dry. Having a leave-in conditioner on hand is super helpful to combat this. It helps nourish your hair without overwashing (which can also cause problems). The hair can use just the right amount of product without being completely overloaded by it.



Another key rule to follow is to avoid daily shampooing. Most stylists recommend washing only two or three times per week. Between washes, you can keep things fresh with a dry shampoo or by co-washing, which means washing your hair using only conditioner, not shampoo. To keep hair shiny and smooth, we recommend a deep conditioning treatment once a week or every other week, depending on your hair’s natural oils. This will keep your hair looking fresh and prevent it from breaking or clumping.


Be Prepared

Knowing your spring schedule ahead of time can help protect your Hairlocs extensions. Chlorine will strip your hair if left in it to dry, so it’s essential to take extra care to protect it beforehand. For example, coat your hair with conditioner to keep that chlorine from soaking in if you plan on swimming. Wash or rinse right after swimming to clean away chlorine residue.


 It’s also common for travel to start to pick up during springtime. Between spring break and the weather getting warmer, it’s only natural that people look for some fun in the sun. One crucial way to keep your hair extensions looking fresh is to be prepared. Take the time to pack your leave-in conditioners and other products, a silk pillowcase to mitigate frizz, a heat protectant, and any tools you might need to maintain your usual hair care routine.




You’ll also want to remember that water differs depending on where you are and can have more or fewer minerals that affect the water’s “hardness.” While this is true, you can’t control this when out of town. You can prioritize, however, doing a moisture treatment when you return to bounce back from any dryness caused by the water. Being prepared by prioritizing packing ahead can save you some headaches later when it comes to your extensions.


Dry Your Hair Thoughtfully

We recommend letting your hair air dry at least 75% when you have extensions. Air drying decreases the chances of matting and heat damage, both of which help your extensions last longer. If you need to use a dryer, use it on the lowest heat setting and gently dry your hair, working your way from the ends to the roots in a way that suits you. Once your hair is fully dry, run your finger through your hair again, separating the bonds to ensure the hair dryer has not caused the bonds to tangle. We recommend never sleeping with wet hair, as it can lead to increased matting and other damage, so make sure wash days occur on days when you have time to dry your hair thoroughly.


Choose the Right Extensions for You

Hairlocs offers all four hair extension systems–I-Tip, Tape, K-Tip, and Weft. There are different reasons to choose each extension, and working with your client to decide on their perfect hair-extensions fit is essential. For spring, it’s important to note that the best way to maintain the effectiveness and integrity of the adhesive of Tape extensions is not to use them on clients with highly active lifestyles. This includes clients who sweat a lot, are swimmers, etc. By recommending a different extension type for an active individual, you are helping them stretch their extensions further and ultimately create a happier, more long-lasting result.



Spring is often seen as a season of growth, and we are confident our extensions, with the proper care, will keep clients looking fresh well into the season. For more tips, check out our blog, and of course, keep up with all the latest from Hairlocs on Instagram.