HairCare Terms & Conditions


Protect your client’s investment: Your clients spend lots of money on their hair. Help them protect their investment against any unforeseen mishap.

Add Value to your services: Now not only can you offer the most competitive price on the market, but you can also have a world-class customer service tool that appeals to all clients.

Get Peace of Mind: You've put in the time to craft a flawless new hairdo, but there's still no telling what might happen once the client leaves the salon. Rest assured that your hard work will be protected.

How it Works:

Purchase HairCare at checkout. It’s easy! Check the box and pay just 15% of your hair extensions subtotal for 100% protection.

In the event that something unlikely occurs to your clients hair, don’t worry! Simply submit an insurance claim to including photos and a description of the issues you are experiencing with your hair extensions

All claims will be addressed in 24-48 business hours. We’ll keep you in the loop along the way and notify you once your claim has been approved

Upon approval we will replace your hair within 30 days – no questions asked! We will even cover the cost of standard shipping on your replacement hair!

The original hair has to be returned in order to receive the replacement.


What does HairCare Cover?

Hair that is turning Orange/Brassy

Hair that is turning Pink/Lightening

Hair that is un-manageable (extremely dry, fried, knotting or matting)

Hair that is shedding excessively

If the tape extensions aren’t adhering properly out of the package

What does HairCare Not Cover?

Hair that is past the insurance coverage period

Smelly Hair (might be mineral buildup that causes the smell)

Hair that has received physical damaged from client mistreatment

If the hair has been chemically treated this will void the insurance

Terms & Conditions:

We reserve the right to deny or exclude coverage to clients at any time

Reasons for exclusion include, but are not limited to:

Falsification of insurance claims

Any claim submitted lacking the requested information

Any claims submitted outside of the 60 day coverage period

HairCare covers damaged to the extensions, whether its through installation, normal maintenance, or removal. HairCare claims will not be accepted for any other issue related to the hair

If the hair has been chemically treated this will void the insurance claim

HairCare Insurance will only be eligible for hair replacements NOT refunds

HairCare Insurance is non-refundable after purchase

HairCare Insurance must be purchased individually for each order to receive coverage (can not be applied to any existing order nor transferred to another order).

HairCare Insurance can be purchased within 24 hours of the order purchase time (anything after the 24 hour period will no longer be eligible for the insurance purchase)

The original hair has to be returned in order to receive the replacement.

Claim Submission Times: Your claim will be processed 24-48 business hours, but on rare occasions may take longer. You will be notified upon the approval of your claim.

You can always contact us at or 855-424-7562 for more information and assistance.