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Full Cuticle 100% Remy Human Hair.


Huge Discount for Licensed Cosmetologists.


10x your income as a stylist

Professional Quality Hair Extensions
We offer amazing discounts without any compromise in the quality of the hair and the technology behind it. Full cuticle 100% Remy human hair, perfectly aligned strands with zero shedding or tangling! Silicone free. Minimally processed hair. Extremely durable. It retains its luxurious feel after washes and adjustments just the way it was on day one.
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The Hairlocs Hair Extension Systems

Hairlocs provides professionals with the highest quality professional grade hair extensions at the lowest prices possible.

Amazing Quality Hair at Discounted Prices

We are offering the lowest prices on the market for Professional Grade Hair Extensions.

How do we do it?

By lowering our margin we lower the price. With the lower price our stylists make more money and can offer more competitive pricing. This increases the volume of hair we purchase from our suppliers and with higher volume we get an even lower price without any compromise in quality.

Why do we do it?

We are all about our stylists making a great living and offering the best to their guests! We just think this is the way business should be done. It’s what we call good business. That is why our Motto is “Growth Not Greed”.

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Testimonial by Diana
Diana loves her Hairlocs hair extensions and wanted to share her experience. She fell in love with the quality of Hairlocs and how light the extensions are, as well as all the color variety Hairlocs offers.
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"This hair is the easiest I’ve used!! Flawless application every time because it’s good quality!"
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