How to Care for your Hairlocs Hair Extensions Season to Season


Like the seasons, it's natural to change your style throughout the year, and your hair is no different. It's essential to ensure your hair care routine adjusts as the weather gets colder or warmer to ensure it receives optimal care all year long. Learn more about how Hairlocs Hair extensions can transform your seasonal styles and some hair care tips for maintaining its utmost quality. 



Colder, Winter Care Tips

  1. Moisture is your best friend: we've all probably experienced dry hands or cracked lips during winter months, but hair is also prone to be drier. Make sure you use a conditioner with a high moisture content to ensure your Hairlocs extensions stay fresh and beautiful for as long as possible. 

  1. Avoid static when you can: Scarves, hats, and certain types of outerwear can create a surplus of friction and thus static. This can cause the hair to start to deteriorate faster. A way to combat fly-aways is a silk pillowcase or adding a proactive layer between your hair and the clothing item causing the static. An example would be wrapping your hair in a silk scarf before putting on a beanie. 

  1. Don't over-wash: You might think washing could help add moisture to your winter hair, but it's the opposite. Too much washing can strip the hair of its natural oils and make it dryer. Not to mention, going outside with wet hair in the cold is especially drying.


Warmer, Summer Care Tips

  1. Protect hair when swimming: Swimming can significantly affect the tape and bonds that keep your extensions in place and looking fresh. Make sure you use a swim cap or avoid getting your hair wet if you plan to swim in the summer.

  1. Brush regularly to avoid excessive tangling. Brushing helps keep your hair looking fresh even when it's hot outside. By avoiding tangles, you can see the real shine and quality of Hairlocs hair extensions.

  1. Avoid chemical-based sunscreens or lotions: This is another way to break down hair extension bonds. It's important to use SPF, but we recommend opting for a less-harsh mineral-based option.

Seasonal Changes to Length and Color


While you are welcome to wear your hair however you see fit all year long, we point out a few popular trends people might want to follow as the seasons change. 

During winter, darker hair colors become increasingly popular. In addition, because there's less threat of it being too warm, longer styles might be desired during these months. Hairlocs hair extensions are great options to not just experiment with achieving a darker hairstyle, you can also significantly change the length and overall look to achieve your perfect winter look. 

If summer is the other side of the seasonal coin, it's natural that some of the most popular trends during that period are the opposite of winter. Explore shorter styles and brighter colors. During summer, many people go blonde with extensions or try something more colorful and playful. Hair extensions help clients achieve the brightest, most vibrant colors because it requires fewer harsh chemical treatments with less threat to damaging their natural hair.

No matter what the look or time of year, your clients seek a significant change. Hairlocs Hair extensions come in each of the four systems so that you can find the perfect options for every person who sits in your chair. 



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