Tips For Brushing Your Hairlocs Hair Extensions

Today we cover something your client will do every day: brushing. Hair extensions are a beautiful way to add volume and depth to your customer’s hair and boost their confidence instantly. An essential step to this is ensuring they understand the best hair care methods to ensure their Hairlocs hair extensions last longer. We recommend you set aside a few minutes of every install to go over these hair care tips or even point customers to this blog, so they walk away feeling prepared and ready to brush their extensions and keep them looking fresh and beautiful long after they leave your chair.


 1. Start at the bottom

Typically, when you are a youngster and into your teens you tend to have longer hair, however when you add extensions you might not be as familiar with long hair as you used to be so whether you have K-Tip, Weft, I-Tip or Tape Hairlocs hair extensions, when brushing extensions, start at the bottom and work your way up. Starting at the ends will allow you to remove the tangles from the bottom. As you move up the hair shaft, the knots are removed below. This ultimately helps decrease pulling on the extension and reduces ripping or tearing.

 2. Reduce tension whenever possible

In addition to working from the bottom up, we recommend also holding the top attachment area. As you hit any tangles, this doesn’t apply added tension to the attachment area. Don’t forget to always hold the hair above where you are brushing to reduce tension at the scalp.

 3. Use your fingers to detangle 

Sometimes taking a simple approach is best. If you ever have a tangle, you can’t easily brush thru, set the brush aside for a moment, use your fingers and open the tangle up outwards, from side to side. Then reusing the brush begin brushing again from underneath the tangle. This will make it easier to remove. Using your fingers to work through some more challenging tangles will help make the extensions last longer.


4. Brush regularly


A brush is one of the most used hair care tools ever, and for good reason. Brushing regularly keeps your hair looking fresh, tangle-free, and voluminous. To avoid tangling as much as possible, we recommend brushing at least 2-3 times daily. This helps maintain your healthy hair and avoids unnecessary tension that can be created from tangling. Another good tip is to never brush your hair with your head upside down this will cause the hair to be inverted and due to the full cuticle can often cause tangling. So always brush your hair in an upright position.


Looking for more tips on how to maintain Hairlocs hair extensions? Check out our blog or education hub for a library of free resources. Be sure to keep up with us on Instagram to catch our latest posts!