Hairlocs Tips: Why Your Salon Should Be on TikTok



Here at Hairlocs, we want you to not only stand out for having the best hair in the industry, but also for creating engaging content your followers love. Social media is an influential tool business owners have been taking advantage of for the last several years. Most recently, TikTok has taken over the internet. Whether you are a TikTok Pro or just downloaded the app, we've rounded up three key reasons your salon needs to be on this powerful app.


Stay Up-To-Date on Trends


TikTok is the fastest growing app, outdoing Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Not only are audiences (and potential customers) moving to the app, but it's also a hub for the latest trends. On Tik-Tok, you can explore viral trends and capitalize on them. By taking part in fun challenges or using popular audio, your videos have the chance to gain traction, even if you don't have a super large following yet. Using popular hashtags is also a great way to get noticed and have your content show up on people's home pages (called the For You Page).


Create an Interactive Portfolio


Take your portfolio off the page with TikTok. The app is known for implementing entertaining transitions that can make transformation videos super engaging. Video is a great way to show the depth of your transformations and catch customers' attention–old and new! Show off your best extensions results and catalog your work so future customers can have a place to check out your work.


Expand Your Audience


TikTok also gives you a far higher opportunity for growth than Instagram does. The app allows you to take advantage of hashtags, which can help you be discovered by people who aren't even following you. Because the home page is stacked with content catered to users' interests, hashtags can help people discover your page and engage with your content.


"I grew my TikTok following more than my Instagram in literally a matter of months but have had my Instagram account for years with far slower growth." –Hairlocs Educator.


Social media isn't going anywhere, so adapting to change and the growth of each different platform is key to staying relevant. Take advantage of additional social media tools, like our blog on  Social Media Do's and Don'ts, and start creating content. Who knows–you might have the next viral trend up your sleeve!