Make Your Business Stand Out Online: Hairlocs’ Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

The Hairlocs motto is to bring our customers the highest quality hair at the best price possible (compare Hairlocs pricing to any other hair extension company out there then compare our quality), but our mission doesn’t stop there. We are dedicated to providing our loyal customers with excellent continued education, free tutorials, and community support. Social media such as Facebook and Instagram play a pivotal role in how businesses stand out online. Today we have rounded up our most important do’s and don’ts to follow when you’re planning your social media. 


Do: Be Consistent 

Regardless of which social media you are using, being consistent is vital. Making sure you promote your business and services is a great way to help you attract and keep your clientele. You can share your work, client success stories, special promotions, and more with social media. We recommend creating a monthly or quarterly content calendar to help keep you on track. By planning, you’ll be able to develop your ideas beforehand, strategize, and keep to your schedule with ease. 

Don’t: Use low-quality images or video.

Your social media is a window to your business. Just as you would dress for the job you want, make sure your social media imagery and videos accurately reflect your business. Using high-quality photography and a mixture of static images and video will help your profile stand out. There are many free resources online to help you plan out your social media grid to ensure it’s aesthetically pleasing and on-brand. We also recommend creating brand guidelines for yourself, including fonts, and colors to ensure your business comes off as professional as possible. 

Do: Find your unique voice.

Your clients and followers are attracted to your unique talents as a stylist--show them off! By sharing your unique voice online, you’ll be able to build your audience authentically. Whether it’s sharing an original creative idea, letting your followers in on some personal facts, or working with stylists you align with from a business development standpoint, building your brand as a stylist is pivotal in standing out. 

Don’t: Forget to interact with your audience.

While building a social media calendar is essential, it’s equally important to take your content a step further by interacting with your audience. Followers recognize creators who take the time to interact, respond to comments or questions, and be generally engaged on their platforms. Match the energy you pour into the content you create into how you interact with the community you’re building online. 

Do: Use hashtags and encourage engagement.

Hashtags are a great tool to take advantage of online. They help connect people interested in your content type to your page even if they don’t follow you. By including popular hashtags from the hair and extensions industry, you might attract future customers. In addition to hashtags, asking your followers questions and doing occasional giveaways are great ways to keep your following involved. Engagement from your following lets others know that not only are you a seasoned professional who knows how to use social media, you’re also creating exciting content that’s keeping your followers’ attention. 

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