3 Benefits of Using Full Cuticle Remy Hair from Hairlocs and Why You Should Make the Switch Today

As a stylist with an eye for excellence, incorporating full cuticle remy hair extensions keeps your clients happy and coming back for more. Being a hair extensions expert begins with selecting the highest quality materials to ensure beautiful results with every install. At Hairlocs, we provide the most elite quality hair by supplying full cuticle remy hair.

Working within the industry, you start to hear several buzzwords surrounding different hair types, one of the most common being “remy hair”. Although common, you might be wondering what remy hair means and how to ensure you are purchasing the best quality products, at the greatest value to you. Today, we’re pinpointing three benefits of using full cuticle hair extensions and why you should make the switch today:

1. Full Cuticle Remy Hair Protects the Integrity of the Extensions

In the styling industry, much of the terminology around hair extensions refers back to the scientific components of how hair retains its health, luster and ability to take on color. Since the majority of hair sourced for extensions comes from India, the color is naturally black and will undergo a bleaching process. In the process of creating lighter hair colors, it’s vital the cuticle remains intact to avoid irreparable damage to the hair shaft or medulla. We are proud to have a streamlined, minimal processing method to create stunning, vibrant colors. Our hair is sourced from all over the world to provide stylists and ultimately customers with the highest quality hair in every color imaginable. Due to Hairlocs' long-standing relationships with our hair sourcing partners, we have a tried and true process that maintains the full cuticle resulting in brighter, bolder colors that last  


2. Elite Hair At An Unbelievable Price Point 

What sets Hairlocs apart from other industry competitors is our price point. While there might be an element of concern - shouldn’t cheaper hair mean lower quality? - it couldn’t be further from the truth. Our long-standing relationships with our partners allow us to provide top quality hair at a lower cost to you. Streamlining and evolving our processes has given us the opportunity to provide truly elite full cuticle remy hair i-tip hair extensions, u-tip hair extensions, and tape-in hair extensions.

Stylists will unlock new business opportunities as they are able to offer a better product for a more competitive price to their clients. Over time, the growth opportunity will continue to increase at exponential rates. Because we are able to offer a price lower than our competitors, stylists gain a distinct advantage of purchasing a wide variety of colors without the burden of the price. Our products will leave you wondering why you were ever paying more for a lower quality product.

3. Less Damage Means Vibrant Color that Lasts

The proof and value of full cuticle remy hair really lies in its longevity. Although many extensions might provide the look and feel of full cuticle hair, the hair quality of non-full cuticle remy hair drops dramatically after the first several washes. At Hairlocs, we are proud to offer hair extensions made to last. Our extensions are scientifically engineered to retain a vibrant luster and will stay beautiful much longer than our competitors.

We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the cuticle, which makes our hair quality truly unmatched within the industry at a price point that seems too good to be true. When purchasing from Hairlocs, you can shop knowing you are providing clients with a top quality product that will help them feel confident and beautiful long after leaving the salon.

Don’t just take our word for it, though, check out the video below to see a customer testimonial and experience the difference for yourself:

Create seamless installs with endless styling possibilities with full cuticle remy hair.

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