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Full Cuticule 100% Remy Human Hair.


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Hairlocs is Now Introducing HairCare

A Complete & Total Coverage for your hair extensions. Purchase Hairlocs HairCare at checkout. It’s easy! Check the box and pay just 15% of your hair extensions subtotal for 100% protection. 

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With Hairlocs HairCare

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Professional Hair Quality

Hairlocs provides professionals with the highest quality professional grade hair extensions at the lowest prices possible. 

Full cuticle 100% Remy human hair

The Hair

Prices. Unseen and Unheard of … until now.

We are offering the lowest prices on the market for Professional Grade Hair Extensions.

How do we do it?

By lowering our margin we lower the price. With the lower price our stylists make more money and can offer more competitive pricing. This increases the volume of hair we purchase from our suppliers and with higher volume we get an even lower price without any compromise in quality.

Why do we do it?

We are all about our stylists making a great living and offering the best to their guests! We just think this is the way business should be done. It’s what we call good business. That is why our Motto is “Growth Not Greed”.

Only for Licensed Cosmetologists

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Other Hair Extension companies have the practice of charging you for education or certification. This is very much against our beliefs! We firmly believe in providing value to our stylists and this is why we give them these tutorials on how to install the hair and also how to attract more customers and earn more per customer so that they can grow their business.

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Hair Extension Tutorials

Hairlocs provides you with free tutorials on how to work with the different systems of hair extensions. We do not require certification, so that every licensed cosmetologist can benefit from the amazing prices and A+ quality.

Business Tips & Ideas

By becoming a Hairlocs stylist you get access to our business growth content so you can learn how to attract more customers, sell them more services, keep them coming more often and earn both more money per customer and per hour while offering better service and higher quality hair.

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Our mission is to help stylists working with us earn much more. This is why we provide the lowest price in the industry for the highest quality professional grade hair. Working with Hairlocs you can make extra $$ in profits per head of hair.

Hair Protection

Your clients spend lots of money on their hair. Help them protect their investment against any unforeseen mishap. Now not only can you offer the most competitive price on the market, but you can also have a world-class customer service tool that appeals to all clients with Hairlocs HairCare.

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First off I want to say that I Love Hairlocs for many reasons. For starters my clients absolutely LOVE the many color options to choose from. Second the price point is amazing compared to other high end quality companies. So that leads me to the third which is quality. I only offer my clients top quality hair as I want nothing short of the best for them and I love that my clients get the full life and longevity out of this company’s hair. Another reason Hairlocs is a great company for me is that I use all methods of extensions in my salon and they offer top quality in all four systems i-tip , tape and wefts which makes it easy for me to give my clients consistency when it comes to the hair I install no matter which method. Lastly, they make it so easy for me as the stylist to call in and place an order and it gets shipped quickly and the whole process is very seamless. I have enjoyed offering Hairlocs to my clients and will continue using this company for as long as I can! 🖤

Monique Marquez Medusa Salon@hairhunnayy

Hairlocs company has been a wonderful asset to my business. As an extension specialist and educator I am always looking to improve and have options for my clients. What I love about Hairlocs is the variety of textures as well as methods to use when applying hair extensions. The I tip has always been my all time favorite & they have been the longest lasting method I use. The price point is so affordable for the 20 inch length. For the quality, the tape in comes in extremely affordable in comparison to other brands. Also the cylinders for the i tips and the replacement tape and spray works wonders. I have been using extensions for 15 years and the reusable aspect of the accessories is incredible. As for the tool kit and the threaders, teaching with them and using them is so lightweight, and easy. The plier is my favorite plier being lightweight I can open and close all day and never get blisters or pain in my hands. The customer service and the staff has always been amazing. They always are accommodating and my clients love when they have sales so they can afford the hair and purchase more to be long lasting clients. Thank you Hairlocs for everything!

Angela Demolfetto Racine Salon 341@Angelhairext

We've tried multiple extension lines throughout our combined 20+ years in the business and Hairlocs always exceeds our expectations! They have such a friendly staff! Everyone is such a delight to talk to! Their hair quality is beyond better than any other extension line we've used. Also , the amount of color options they have makes it so easy to match our clients hair. The best part on top of all this is that their prices are unbelievable! There's not another company who could compete with their professional hair quality at such affordable prices! 

I love Hairlocs! 

Tayra & Kate Columbia, IL@houseofroguesalon

I have been using Hairlocs extensions for just over 3 years now. With extensions being one of our salon specialties, I have spent a lot of time and research into giving our clients the best quality hair at the most cost efficient prices. Hairlocs is an amazing company to work with! The hair is definitely high quality and can last through many sessions if cared for properly. My clients love the wide variety of colors and textures to choose from, as well as the price. I would definitely recommend working with this company as your customers will be highly satisfied!

Bekki Fonseca, Studio R Menasha, WI @studiorsalon

It’s hard to put my feelings into words when it comes to Hairlocs Hair Extensions. I have been a hairstylist for 8 years and I have had my fair share of using extensions. Thanks to the beauty of Instagram, I came across Hairlocs and they have been a total game changer for me. I buy Tape In Extensions and the quality of the hair and tabs themselves are the absolute best. Even from the customer service, the beautiful line of colors to choose from and the joy it brings my clients, I am 110% SOLD. I will never get tired of seeing the reactions from my clients and the confidence it brings them. I even wear them myself and my entire salon now uses Hairlocs and we couldn’t be happier. Hairlocs Hair Extensions are definitely worth the investment! You are worth feeling beautiful!

Toni Gail Leggett Salon 300 West@hairbytonigail

Hairlocs hair extensions have amazing quality hair that can last up to a year or longer. The quality allows you to reuse the hair. They have two methods that are more permanent I-tip and Tape-in. And they also have clip n go extensions which you can easily put on for any special occasion and then easily take them off. I-tip is an individual extension system that does not use any heat, glue, sewing or braiding. It uses a small patented cylinder to crimp the extensions into the natural hair. It is reusable and the hair will last over a year with maintenance every 4-6 weeks.

The tape-in extensions are very quick and easy to apply while laying extremely flat to the scalp. A full head application for these tapes is about 30 minutes and the hair will last over 6 months with maintenance every 1-2 months.

Stephanie Madera Long Beach, California@blondiie_steph

As a stylist I am continuously searching for the latest hair extension brands to bring the best quality to my client base. Hairlocs has been my primary source for hair. Their hair retains original condition from the time you remove it from it's packaging till the day you take them off your client. You will never feel like your extensions are shot. My clients find it affordable with price per wear in mind. These extensions literally last forever.

Jennifer Orlewicz Main Street Annex Salon@superjennohair

I’ve been with Hairlocs for 10 years now, I love this company. Everything about it! It’s keeping my clients coming back month after month even year after year. This hair is full cuticle remy hair which means its going to perform just like your natural growing hair. The other thing I love about it is it’s not just going to take your clients from short to long but also color placement, fullness and all the different things you’ll be able to offer with this hair. One thing I know for sure with Hairlocs is that it’s made me more money. It’s a huge game changer! You should definitely check out the entire line.

Christine Dillon Hello Pinky Hair@Hellopinkyhair

My name is Nathan Soria, I have been using Hairlocs since I attended a hair show in Long Beach 4 years ago. Since day one, I have loved the quality of the hair, I have tried other brands but the hair does not last as long or feel as good. Compared to most hair extension lines the price is very reasonable and consistent. I love the variety of textures and colors Hairlocs carries. Hairlocs is very easy to handle and very easy to match my clients’ hair color. If I ever do a custom color for a client, I can always color the extensions to match them without changing the integrity of the hair. My clients love this line, which makes me the top seller for extensions in my shop.


Nathan Soria@nathansoriastyling
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Can Hairlocs extensions be colored?

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Do Hairlocs extensions damage the natural hair?

How many strands come in one pack?

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