Hairlocs' Covid-19 Safe Working Environment Checklist


Your salon is your fortress, and keeping it as safe, sanitary, and stocked as possible is a critical element to maintaining good business as we continue to live with Covid-19. We've created an eight-step checklist to go over regularly to keep you and your clients healthy and happy with their hair extension results.

Keep Cleaning supplies close to your station.

It's no secret stylists get busy quickly. Keeping all the sanitation supplies needed to keep your station spotless close will help minimize stress throughout the day. Keeping cleaning wipes and sanitizing spray close to your station is a great way to stay prepared. That way, even if you are booked back-to-back, you can do a quick wipe down between clients. 

When you aren't feeling well, reschedule.

If you happen to be feeling unwell the day of an appointment, say something and reschedule your clients. Additionally, ask clients to do the same. Although precautionary, this practice can help you, and your clients avoid infection.

Review what you learned in school.

Sometimes going back to the basics makes a big difference. In times like these, it's vital to maintain everything you learned in school regarding client safety. Taking time to review these necessary safety measures can make a difference in keeping your salon safe.

Spend time disinfecting everything every day.

While it's essential to disinfect between clients, we recommend doing a deeper clean at the end of your workday. Taking the extra 15 or 20 minutes, it might take to thoroughly disinfect your workstation can make all the difference.

Wipe down your chair and shampoo bowl after every service.

This step only takes a few seconds but helps maintain a level of cleanliness between your appointments.

Use a new clean cape for every single client.

Having several capes available to use throughout the day is an easy way to ensure no germs are passed between clients.

Wash your hands frequently.

We know you have been hearing this everywhere, but it is a simple rule of thumb to implement consistently.

Stock up on your most popular items.

Over the last several months, you might have heard about supply chain issues. We at Hairlocs are prepared to help our stylists remain stocked with the world's finest hair extensions at the best cost. We always recommend ordering extensions in bulk to avoid adding additional wait time for your clients. Check out our four unique systems: K-Tip, Weft, I-Tip, and Tape. This is also true for cleaning supplies. Making sure you have one or two extras of your most used products will help ensure you never go to an appointment without precisely what you need for a successful extensions session.


For additional Covid-19 Resources, please check out the official CDC website for tips for workplaces and businesses. And as always, Hairlocs is proud to offer a wide breadth of free, online educational videos you're always welcome to catch up on. Check out our free hair extension tutorials today!