Hairlocs Branding 101: Keep Up with Killer Content with these Tools

In the hair business, it’s no secret that your brand is your identity, and ensuring you always come across as organized, innovative, engaging, and creative is key to standing apart. Making sure you’re organized and prepared is a crucial part of not only killing it as a hair extensions stylist but also building your brand. In today’s blog, we review some of the critical pillars of branding that our educators and stylists recommend. We cover all branding basics from keeping appointments organized, creating attractive graphics, planning your feed, and coming up with
catch captions and slogans.


Organization is King

While many aspects of your brand can be translated to social media, your actual experiences with customers must uphold the same principles you describe online. Step one to impress clients? Being organized. From a clean workspace and having the best Hairlocs products fully stocked to keeping appointments on time and track—making sure you set yourself up for success is key. This is where apps like Appointfix, Square Appointments, and Booksy come in. Gone are the days of relying on pen and paper to keep things on track. While there are plenty of applications to organize appointments, we recommend checking out a few and working with the one that comes most user-friendly to you. Consistently using the application will not only help you but help your clients recognize a specific interface when booking appointments, making payments, and more.


Get Creative

As a stylist, you know how important social media is, but creating exciting content regularly might feel overwhelming. Canva, a free design software, helps you accomplish exactly that. You can implement thousands of free graphics and templates into your social media presence. Additionally, you can use their design space to create your own templates for everything from Instagram stories, graphics for your feeds, in-saloon handouts, signage, pamphlets, videos, and
more. Create a unified look while simultaneously keeping your content fresh and interesting. This is also a great way to organize and save your content to keep everything in one convenient

Keep Things Aesthetic

Your feed is your portfolio. This fact makes it even more critical that you plan a feed that represents your brand and your skills as a hair extensions expert. Of course, you want to show the best of the best in terms of your work, but you also want everything to look intentional and on-brand. This is where apps like Planoly come in. Plan and schedule social media posts that align with your greater vision and brand. Before posting and risking any engagement loss, you can plan out your social media feed—the first thing people see when they click onto your profile.

Catch (and Keep) Customer Attention

What comes next once you get people to check out your profile and even follow you? You’ve planned and created content but are still looking for that extra something to keep people engaged. Our recommendation? Captions and taglines keep people reading with enough repetition to help people start associating specific sayings with you and your shop. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. What would you want to read? Helpful, to the point, entertaining
captions are usually a hit but don’t be afraid to show your personality. Authenticity is what people value in a stylish, so you want to be sure what you’re writing is always true to YOU. Here is a shortlist of phrases our stylists love that you can work on implementing into some of your social outreach.

1. If you can’t grow it, we can sew it
2. If you can’t achieve it, we can weave it
3. Don’t knock it ‘til you lock it
4. Unbe-weave-able results


We at Hairlocs have tons of exciting ads and content which will be downloaded onto a portfolio allowing you access to utilize this visual marketing content on your social platforms. We will also offer you an app to download which allows you to add your own personalized details onto each video thus making it “your own” and yet giving you some awesome content to promote yourself.

Are you looking for more tips from Hairlocs? Follow our blog for the latest tricks to take your business to the next level!