Hair Products We Recommend to Use with Extensions


Selecting which hair products to use when you have extensions is super important. Because the extensions are not attached directly to the scalp, they do not receive continuous oil deposits and nutrition like natural hair. Keep reading to learn more about what you should look for when selecting professional hair care products for your extensions. 


A professional line

When it comes to hair products, there are so many to choose from. While this can be slightly overwhelming, it also allows you to find the professional line that best fits your hair type. For extensions specifically, it’s key to select moisturizing products since the hair itself s not producing the natural oils needed to keep the hair shiny and luscious. Remember, professional products come in a wide range of price points, so select the brand that makes the most sense for your price point. 


High-quality ingredients

High-quality ingredients will maintain the longevity of the extensions as well as increase the quality of everyday wear. Look for words like moisturizing and nourishing, and look for ingredients you recognize, like coconut or castor oil. 


Paraben and Sulfate Free 

Looking for paraben and sulfate-free products can help you avoid potential damage. Parabens are a family of chemicals commonly used to preserve cosmetic products and can affect the quality of your extensions. Natural products are desirable because they typically come with fewer chemicals. Sulfate can strip the extensions of moisture, which is the exact opposite effect we want. Avoiding both can help maintain the quality of your hair over time. 


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