Discover the Hairlocs Value: Introducing the Hairlocs Starter Kit

The main principal that Hairlocs was founded for was to provide excellent elite quality hair at discounted prices directed predominately to stylists that are already well versed in the hair extension industry. Far too often, hair extension companies take advantage of inexperienced stylists by charging exorbitant prices for hair, while at the same time professing that it is the “best available hair”. At Hairlocs not only do we regularly test our hair but also test our competitors and we are shocked at the prices that are being quoted out there for what more often than not is inferior quality.

With this in mind, we are offering stylists in the industry the opportunity to purchase the highest quality tools and products. Look no further than the brand new Hairlocs Starter Kit. For only $149.99 you receive all the tools and products you need to unlock success as a hairstylist. Here are three reasons you should invest in the Hairlocs Stylist Starter Kit today:



1. The Hairlocs Stylists Starter Kit Delivers

By purchasing the Hairlocs Starter Kit stylists truly set themselves apart as a professional with an eye for excellence. From all your toolkit essentials to the highest quality hair extension products, you’ll be setting yourself up for continued success. At an amazing price of only $149.99, you receive all the following products:

  • Black Matte Toolkit
  • Color Swatch
  • Sectioning Clips
  • Tape Solvent
  • Pack of Replacement Tape
  • Practice i-tip Hair
  • Practice Tape Hair
  • Cylinder Threader
  • Cylinder Tower
  • 25% off First Hairlocs Order

2. Unlock Tutorials to Achieve Success

Not only does Hairlocs provide the highest quality hair extensions and styling tools for a fraction of the cost, but we are also proud to provide professional tutorials online. Whether you’re looking to learn a new hair-extensions method, or simply want to brush up on your skills as a refresher, our online tutorials cover all the subjects most important to you. Even better, it’s completely free. We love being able to remind our community of stylists how important they are to our Hairlocs family and want to see them continue to thrive. Discover our free online tutorials here

3. Learn the Latest Industry Trends

Hairlocs is dedicated to staying on top of the latest industry trends so that we can provide you with the hottest products. We are excited to offer tutorials on wefting and k-tip extensions very soon. Hairlocs stylists’ are able to offer their clients the products and services they crave while using the highest quality products. Stay up-to-date with all things Hairlocs by visiting our products page today!

Whether you’re a new stylist or simply looking to upgrade your kit, our Hairlocs Starter Kit truly has everything you need to provide professional quality work for your clients. Hairlocs is known for our quality hair extensions and we are excited to continue to set the standard by offering our newest tool kit. Be sure to secure yours today at the unbeatable price of 149.99. Looking to shop for hair extensions and tools? Visit our online store today!