Debut Bold Hairstyles for Spring with Affordable Extensions from Hairlocs

With Spring 2021 right around the corner, you might be looking for unique ways to update your style. As the weather continues to warm, it’s time to celebrate the bold colors available at Hairlocs that let your personality shine all season long. From the most traditional colors to shades that pack a real punch, find what you’re looking for by shopping bundles from Hairlocs.  At a price point that simply cannot be beaten the only question that will be left for you to answer is “Which client should I book first?!”

With Over 50 Colors Your Hairstyles for Spring are Endless

 Hairlocs was designed specifically for stylists that have experience with hair extensions, which is why we offer unbeatable prices! Keep in mind that there are complimentary educational videos online that will take you through the hair extension installation experience.  As the seasons change, it’s natural for people to crave updates to their style, and while clothing is often one of their first thoughts, hair, and specifically extensions, can be a great way to make a bold statement for spring. However, as seasoned stylists would know, the ideal scenario is to have two different “heads” of extensions for your guests. Typically, one would have a winter set where the colors are warmer and a second summer set where the shades would be lighter in color. The beauty of extensions is that you can actually have one set put away and be ready for installation as the seasons change. Extensions offer never ending possibilities, especially if you’re looking to add highlights and depth or want to completely change your hair color, extensions from Hairlocs are the answer you’re looking for. From stunning blondes, vibrant blues, the darkest blacks, and even firey reds, you are sure to find a color you’ll love when shopping for hair extensions on behalf of your guests! 

ll the Boldness Without the Damage

A huge benefit of using extensions is the fact that you don’t have to completely commit to the color. It provides the ideal opportunity to test various colors and one of the major reasons people love to use extensions for color is in the vivid world. Have your guests ever wanted to try some baby pink pops of color, but the commitment of vivids is overwhelming? All you have to do is pop in a bundle of vivid extensions and you can have fun with color with no commitment and damage to the natural hair! Fear is no longer a factor in changing your hairstyle. The options are endless! Shop our top-quality hair extensions today!

Take Your Monochrome Spring Look to the Next Level

Monochrome looks have taken the internet by storm. What a fun way to follow through one of the hottest spring trends than to experiment with your hair color. Find a bold new way for you to carry this exciting new outfit trend to be consistent with your style. Let your imagination run wild as you pick out your next color, just in time for spring! You no longer have to fear damaging your hair to achieve beautifully bold new styles.

Hairlocs has 50 different colors available in multiple methods. One of the best things about Hairlocs hair extensions other than the length and fullness, is what extensions accomplish color-wise. Say a brunette client desires a caramel ombre, but doesn't want to damage their hair through the bleaching process - cue Hairlocs. Stylists can use ombre extensions to add bold color for your client without ever touching a bowl of bleach or dye. Clients will fall in love with our colors even more when they learn about extensions as an alternative to bleaching to keep hair healthy. Shop hair extensions now!