3 Edgy Hairstyles for Spring and Summer ‘23 that are Achievable with Hair Extensions 


If you’ve ever landed on #HairTok, you might have been inspired by the whimsical, edgy, and unique hairstyles that have taken the world by storm. Extensions offer a unique opportunity for customers to play with their style and hop on trends they might feel too nervous about pulling off with their natural hair alone. Today we discuss the three of the hottest hair trends you can help customers achieve with beautiful extensions from Hairlocs. Hair extensions might be precisely what your customers need to take their hair to the next level and gain the confidence and style they’ve always dreamed of. 

The Modern Mullet 

The modern mullet is the perfect balance of modern meets retro. Customers will serve a throwback vibe while achieving an effortlessly cool aesthetic. The mullet is all about creating a choppy texture. When using extensions, you can easily add the depth required to complete the layered and textured appearance made iconic with the mullet. There are also so many ways to do a mullet–traditional, a “Mixie” (Mullet Pixie)--to name a few, so make sure you ask your client about their specific wants and needs when deciding how to make their hair dreams come true. 

Stylist tip: Whenever you are blending the extensions and creating this textured look, using a feather razor and/or texturizing shears is key to achieving the shattered layered finish.

The Shag

Made famous by celebrities like Billie Eilish and her now iconic blonde-hair debut, the Shag works for so many different face shapes and hair types. The intentionally messy look is achieved by creating multiple layers and drawing the focus to the front of the face. This style has a nostalgic flair while remaining current. Hairlocs hair extensions can help add the length and density this hairstyle calls for and minimize the amount of a customer’s natural hair that must be cut. Help your clients find the extensions needed to achieve this cut by learning more about our four systems: I-Tip, Tape, K-Tip, and Wefts. 

Stylist tip: Adding in enough density is imperative to a successful shag because once you add all those layers needed for this look and you don’t have that density established, this can result in the ends looking very thin and stringy. 

Layered Curve Cut

Longer hairstyles have been having their moment since longer styles first became popular in 2020. Trend experts predict the layered curve cut will enhance those long looks by keeping things natural and simple. This beautifully feminine and simple cut creates a “V” or “U” shape by cutting longer layers, often starting around the shoulders. This style is great for anyone looking for a chameleon hairstyle who wants versatility. Because of its simplicity, it’s a naturally whimsical and playful look that will pair beautifully with many different fashion aesthetics. Extensions can help create the fullness and length required for this longer-layered look.

Stylist tip: We recommend you start these type of cuts with the face framing layers first, and then connect it to the back for a completed final look. 

What styles are you excited to try this spring? Shop our extensions and start creating hair magic today. Be sure to tag us in your creations on Instagram so we can share and be inspired by your artistry. As always, watch this blog space for future tips, tricks, and educational content.